Breaking Out the Sewing Machine

At some point in every remodel, there comes a time when you need to break out the sewing machine, a.k.a. curtain time.


Side note: K took this picture. She said I looked old in it because I was smiling, and when I smile, I get these “wrinkles on the sides of my eyes” that make me look old. Gee, thanks, dear. Gotta stop that bad habit of smiling… not. 🙂

(A sneak peak of the craft/work area)


I love this curtain I got from Pottery Barn. It’s being discontinued so of course I had to buy a couple extra pieces _just_in_case_ I should ever need more. It’s being used in the dining room to help define the space, and I was making a “mini-version” for the craft room, thus the sewing machine. Can’t wait until you gals can see it tomorrow and Sunday!


2 thoughts on “Breaking Out the Sewing Machine

  1. Wow, you’re getting a lot done! I still have fabric for curtains I need to make from years ago… Maybe we should have a sewing night…

  2. I actually meant to mention in the blog that this was only the first curtain I needed to make, I have a couple more I need to do. So we could even have a “Curtain Night” — I’ll bet you and I are not the only ones! BYOSM (sewing machine) and anyone who has materials sitting around that were intended for curtains can come and sew. With the remodel, I have enough desktop/counter space in the common areas that we could accommodate (ac-common-date? haha) a few people sewing at the same time, plus ironing board… and snacks of course. And after that we need an “alterations night” — bet almost everyone has a pile of “I need to alter these pieces someday” stuff!

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