What have I been cooking up?

In class the past two weeks, the kids have been learning about apples and doing apple related activities.  Here is what the first graders made yesterday from scratch!


No unwrapped-melted-caramel candies here, people.  We made bonafide caramel!  I was actually a little nervous about it (making caramel is not easy… adding kids could be a recipe for disaster!), but it went really well!  We had a big ol’ discussion about safety and following directions carefully before we started, and I had the students write the ingredients and summarize the directions for the recipe. While they were writing, I called the kids up in pairs to help with each part of the process.  Everyone had a chance to do something.  When we were done making the caramel, the kids got to dip their apples into the saucepan.  I also let them add sprinkles/m&ms/mini chocolate chips if they wanted to- I told them that part was optional.  Guess how many kiddos wanted them?  Yup.  All of them.  (Who wouldn’t??)  We let them set (on wax paper, in plastic bags so critters wouldn’t get to them) and the kids got to eat them today.  They were SO excited.  I had more than one “Wow, you’re the best teacher!” and “Other kids are going to be jealous!”  I was really proud of my kids though because I probably couldn’t have done it with any other class.  They were such good listeners and they did such a good job with everything!  If you want to make these, here is the link to the recipe I used:


At home, I’ve been meaning to make macarons for a while now, because, ahem, some people requested them, but fate would not allow it.  So, since I had all my ingredients out and measured already, I decided to just go for it tonight.  So, here they are, waiting to be put in the oven.  We’ll see how they turn out.  They’re so temperamental, you just never know how they’ll end up!


Hm… coffee buttercream to go with these coffee macarons?  chocolate ganache?  I really liked the coffee buttercream I made last time.  We’ll see what I whip up!  🙂



2 thoughts on “What have I been cooking up?

  1. Yay, a post from you so everyone can know all about the wonderful things you’re working on! Aw, so great for kids to recognize how great of a teacher you are. (Then again, it may have been the sugar talking, haha!) I will gladly volunteer myself to taste your latest macarons, in any flavor, although I do like a mocha combo. Too bad the original “requester” might not get to taste them, or are you planning to ship them? Watch out, you might start getting online requests/orders…

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