Many (many many) Tastes Part II

taste of north park 2013_recap

After a full day of running (okay, walking leisurely) around North Park, we successfully visited 26 out of 46 places (57%, isn’t that an F?! 😦 ). This is what my card ended up looking like, not too bad I suppose.

taste of north park 2013_final card

Last year we managed 32/51 places, but that was also because I was slightly maniacal and went a little Monica on my friends, haha. This year we decided to take it a little easier, plus we started 30 minutes late (despite my “almost ready??” morning prodding). Much to our indignation, there were four places that we went to that ran out of food/drinks!! The worst of them was the Smoking Goat, which also ran out of food last year! This year we made it a priority to visit Smoking Goat since we felt we were due given last year’s miss. When we finally approached the restaurant and I saw the all-too-familiar “Sold Out” sign on their door I seriously considered leaving them a friendly note of my own on their note! Two strikes for Smoking Goat!! >[.

taste of north park_two strikes smoking goat

Overall it was super fun though, just like last year. It was a beautiful day in San Diego and it was really great being able to walk around, eat, drink, and talk with the various store folks. It’s events like this that really make me like this city!

By far the most interesting dish was from Casa de Luz, a vegan restaurant that’s has a pretty cool space in North Park. (Random internet photo below.) It was the strange looking green thing in the lower left of the picture above. I forgot what they called it, but I thought of it as collard green sushi! It was vegetables with some vegetable sauce, wrapped in more vegetable. Not bad though! (Only 2 of the 5 of us dared to try it :P.)

taste of north park 2013_casa de luz

As usual in SD, there were tons of dogs walking/hanging around and I saw this super cute golden doodle at one of the stops!


I think doodles look like stuffed animals more than any other dog type. Look at those paws! So cute! I did the whole try-and-look-busy-on-cell-phone-while-secretly-taking-pictures-of-your-cute-dog deal, but all of that was ruined when one of my friends walked up and I told her about the doggie and she responded loudly, “Yeah, we saw you taking pictures of it.” -_____-“. So much for inconspicuousness.

Altogether it was a great day, I think you all would’ve liked the event!


4 thoughts on “Many (many many) Tastes Part II

  1. That sounds so awesome! I wanna do something like that! That green things looks like a kid’s clay project. :-/ 26 places in 4.5 hours is like 10 minutes a place! That’s a CRAZY pace! Are they all really really close walking distance? And I’m sure it’s not like you picked the 26 closest places either. Was it still fun at the end?? (maybe I should ask your friends that, Monica!)

    • Haha, kid’s clay project, lol, you’re totally right! Yes, the places are all close together so you basically walk down a couple streets and stop in at a bunch of restaurants. At some places we sat down and hung out a bit while eating/drinking, but at other places we just popped in and out. It was still fun at the end! We ended at a place where we know one of the managers, so we ended up just hanging out there for a bit. You should definitely see if there’s anything like it in the bay, you would like it!

  2. Totally sounds like something we would all love! Glad you had fun! I would have eaten the child’s-clay-looking-sushi-thingy!

  3. How fun!!! Kal and I would SO love doing this, only we would probably go a little crazy trying to get through every single station. You are so right: the paws DO look like that of a stuffed animal. In fact, Mr. Doodle’s fur and color reminds me of Cappuccino, the stuffed bear I let you borrow years ago.

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