Babysitting fun!

I babysat my friend’s kids two weeks ago, and this is one of the things we made:

fairy jars

I’ve seen it called “Fairies in a Jar.”  It’s pretty cool and easy!  You just cut open a glow stick (carefully!) and then pour the liquid into one of many glass jars that your sister has been hoarding and collecting for you any old glass jar you have lying around.  Then you add glitter, cap it, and shake it.  It won’t last forever (maybe only a day), but it will look pretty for the short time that it glows.  The kids LOVED it.  They kept turning the lights on and off to see it glow, and they kept wanting to make more, but I didn’t have enough lids to go with my jars.  Plus, I wasn’t sure how toxic this stuff was, and I didn’t want the kids to wake up with an extra limb or shrunken head.  Uh, worst babysitter ever!… 😛


3 thoughts on “Babysitting fun!

  1. OMG, if I had been drinking milk, I would’ve snorted it out of my nose!!! You probably could’ve checked with your sister before the babysitting gig, I bet she has more jars she could pass to you, and I’ll bet they even have matching lids…even after she donated like a half dozen to school for a collection last week. Very cool project! I’ll have to show K&A, I’m sure they’ll insist that we do it ourselves at home! Maybe we’ll do some the night of Halloween… if only I could find some jars…hmmmm…

  2. This is cool, Diana. No wonder why everyone (parent and child alike) wants you as their kindergarten teacher. You know a plethora of fun projects!

  3. Love this! Must do with Caleb, who is always asking me for a project to do. Please please post more fun ideas like this one so I can copy!!

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