First time making Tri-tip!

Ok, so I am pretty proud of this hunk of meat. 

I’ve never made tri-tip before (usually hubs makes it) but there was a great sale on it at the store ($3.99!) so I decided to try it. I’m quite pleased with how it turned out! 

I used a very simple recipe found here (I used the oven method). I did not trim off the fat because I love my meat with a bit more fat for flavor (who else feels me on this??), and boy was it good.

I rounded out the meal with roasted potatoes and brussel sprouts.

Try the recipe and let me know how yours turned out!


2 thoughts on “First time making Tri-tip!

  1. You nailed it!! Looks gorgeous. Although I’m a bit uncomfortable with the idea of this cooking anywhere but a nice smoky grill, I suppose it’s possible it can still be delicious otherwise. 😁

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