Jumping in late with Instant Pot posts starting… now!

Okay, so I’ve had an instant pot since August 2015 (before it became an Amazon best seller). The first year I had it, I *wasn’t* super-impressed. I found one or two good meals to make, but it’s not worth keeping a big appliance for making one or two specific meals. I struggled to like it, but I kept trying to make the relationship work.

But then some time in 2016, it became a sensation, and I learned about Instant Pot Facebook groups and Instant Pot Web sites. I learned the kinds of things that work better in an Instant Pot and what things don’t.

I wish I had blogged about it all along the way, but the best thing to do is not regret and start now. So I’ll jump in and post my latest Instant Pot experiment.

Easy Smooth Pressure Cooker Flan

The recipe comes from here. I chose this recipe over others because it didn’t ask me for a vanilla bean. 😬 Also, I happened to have heavy cream on hand and this recipe used it.

It was really good! Dangerously good because now I have several in the fridge. The only thing I would change is that the caramel is a bit too much, so if possible, I’d half the caramel. (But it hardens in the ramekin so quickly, not sure I’d be able to work with half as much)

Okay, trying to keep posts short to increase the chances that I’ll keep doing it!  Good night!


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