A Rose By Any Other Name…

I saw those “apple rose” desserts a while ago, and it occurred to me this weekend that they’d make a great dessert for Easter since a) they’re a little more special than your typical dessert (“fancy” in fact!) and b) they’re something you can make for a smaller gathering. (Not gonna make these for 70 teens in youth group!) Okay, also, I was looking for something different since I offered to make dessert for the extended family Easter dinner, and it felt silly for me to make a cake or something that ddubs could make in her sleep! 😆

I used a combination of this recipe and this recipe. I took the pastry size and baking times from the first recipe. The second recipe I liked just for the video from Chef John, haha! I liked his humor and I thought his voice reminded me of the conductor on Dinosaur Train.

They were pretty easy to make and do present really nicely. The finished product:

A different one without the powdered sugar, before I wrestled the paper liner off it!

You might not make it for a bunch of teens, but you can teach a teen to make them! 😁

Here’s what I learned:

  • I sliced my apples too thin! The apple:pastry ratio was too low. Next time I’ll try slicing the apples a little thicker and rolling the pastry a little thinner. (I got 7 pieces out of one pastry sheet this time)
  • Mom wanted a little more tartness in the apples. Typical apples used for apple desserts like pies are granny smith, but they’d give us green roses, so I’ll have to find a tart red apple. (I used red galas since I had small ones on on hand already)
  • Despite what I thought, do NOT make the inside petals too small, otherwise the rose will come out too low in the middle, it actually looks better if you use almost the same size apples/petals from the get-go
  • The apricot preserves worked really well, not too sweet, butter was not needed.
  • Do NOT sprinkle cinnamon sugar after the rose is made, do it before you roll it all up or else you’ll get an ugly brown rose on top
  • Baking in paper cupcake liners was not so great for us, maybe if we didn’t overbake them (had to prebake at home and then reheat at D&C’s place) they might not have stuck to the pastry so badly

Overall, I’m glad we tried these and would do it again!


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