The hype is justified 

There’s been a lot of buzz about this butter chicken recipe in the Instant Pot world lately. I’ve made butter chicken before, but a “healthier” version (let’s just say I don’t call it butter chicken since there’s no butter in it) and on the stove. I one I usually make is a pretty good recipe, but any time you use cut up chicken thigh into bite-sized pieces, you can count on standing around prepping the meat for a while.

This new IP recipe was really so so good and so easy. You put in whole boneless skinless thighs (could prob put in with bone too) and they fall apart later, the meat is so tender. And you literally throw everything into the pot and walk away for a bit. Later you take out the chicken and immersion blend the sauce before adding the fatty stuff, but it still beats standing around the stove stirring.

My favorite things about it are how tender the chicken was and how easy it was to make. The higher-fat content than my old recipe probably contributed to its deliciousness. It’ll definitely be in the dinner rotation at our house, so I’ll have lots of opportunity to experiment with making it just a *little* bit healthier, but not too much. 😉


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