Two great uses for yogurt whey

I’ve been making my own yogurt recently and am always left with tons of whey (like at least a half gallon!). I’ve done the online searches and been to the same web sites that give all the suggestions and tips. So far, these two uses are my favorites because they use quite a lot of whey and because the finished products are very tasty! (unlike the time I made my usual butternut squash soup and substituted the water with whey–like they suggested–and my family could tell and didn’t like it and I had to give away the leftovers to some good friends who are clearly not as picky as my brood)

The first whey-use is a crepe recipe that uses 3 cups of whey (that’s a lot!); actually, it calls for 3 cups of buttermilk but I use the whey instead. I started making this recipe because it was a good use of whey, but my kids and I actually like this recipe better than my old crepe recipe, so it’s now our family’s “go to” recipe. (What am I gonna do if I ever get tired of making yogurt and have no more free whey?)

Since I started making this recipe, I’ve started to track what I eat at MyFitnessPal, and today I put in this recipe to calculate the calories/nutrition value. I was so thrilled to learn that they’re only about 25 calories each (when I make 24 crepes from one batch).

We usually freeze the leftover crepes in batches of 6 with parchment paper in between. They keep really well in the freezer, we just take them out the night before we want to eat them and they’re almost as good as new the next morning. I like mine with a little peanut butter and banana. A likes hers the French dessert way with Nutella (and bananas if she must). K likes hers with PB and Nutella, which somewhere along the way she has started calling “peanutella”, haha!

The second great whey recipe I’ve found is a ciabatta bread. It’s HUGE. It uses 2 cups of whey. Technically the original recipe uses sweet whey, which is a byproduct of making cheese, as opposed to acid whey which is a byproduct of making yogurt, but I made it with yogurt whey, and it was soooo good as it was. (The original poster later wishes she had used her original ciabatta recipe which uses a “biga”/starter, but I didn’t have time to do that so I went with her “lesser than” recipe as posted and it was still amazing)

The dough is pretty sticky, but I just poured it out onto the floured parchment and shaped it onto itself, then scored. This is it before baking…

And this is it after baking!

I wasn’t sure if I baked it long enough, so I had to make a cut right in the middle–looked great (and smelled great too!). We had Tom’s parents over for dinner, and it was fun to serve them some fresh, homemade bread.

This bread was HUGE! I cut it in half, then served that half to 6 of us (below). At first Tom’s mom said that was way too much bread for just 6 of us, so I only filled the bread basket with about 60% of the bread. But as we were having dinner (which was a nice, big dinner with lots of other yummy foods), lo and behold, the bread basket was empty and we had to go get the rest of the bread I had cut! We enjoyed it with some meyer lemon olive oil and 15 year old balsamic vinegar that we bought up in Healdsburg at Christmastime.


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