An Impersonator in Our Garden

It’s been so long since I posted something that I actually forgot how to do it.  Thank God for YouTube videos.

Lately, I’ve been harvesting rainbow Swiss chard, collard, red Russian kale, and beets from our garden.  We grew a mixed variety of beets this year.  When Kal cut into one, we were pleasantly surprised by its beautiful concentric circle pattern.  Who would have guessed beets could have layers like an onion?  We like using these fresh vegetables to make green smoothies (well, red smoothies, if we use a beet) and fresh garden salads.  Interestingly, the beet greens are supposedly more nutritious than the beet itself, packed with antioxidants and vitamins; so I’ve been using them in stir-fries and soups.

20170501 beets & greens20170505 beet concentric circles


Move Over Ciceros!

Last week I made the best pizza ever.  The secret?  Instead of using a pizza dough recipe, I used a focaccia recipe for the crust.  The previous pizza I made (see Oct 28 post) was way too doughy.  This one, however, was crispy and extremely flavorful.  One late night, I was struck hard with savory carb cravings and had to exercise great restraint to not gobble up the last remaining piece, which I had promised to save for a friend.  I am proud to say that I prevailed and didn’t succumb!  Much to the culinary delight of my friend 🙂

Focaccia Pizza

A Needle in a Hay Stack

A dear friend of mine, Frances, had recently been widowed late last year.  When I called her yesterday, she was distraught because Smokey, one of her five cats, had gone missing.  Smokey was fourteen and had been suffering from renal problems.  Frances suspected that Smokey had gone off somewhere quiet and hidden to die.  Mind you, these cats are like children to her; so she was terribly distressed.

In the evening, we touched base again and she informed me that she had been cleaning up her yard when she suddenly lost her wedding rings while she was shaking debris off garbage bags.  Poor Frances!  Talk about being kicked while you’re down.  She had already spent two hours searching for her rings but to no avail.  So my friend, Eileen, and I hopped in a car and drove down to bring her some chicken soup and banana chocolate chip bread that I had made earlier in the afternoon.  Frances had suffered enough in one day and the last thing I wanted was for her to worry about preparing dinner.

It was already quite dark outside but I had resolved that I would try to help her find the rings.  I knew it was a long shot but there was no harm trying and sometimes a second or third pair of eyes can really help.  So before heading out, we grabbed some small lanterns and flashlights.  On the drive over, I prayed out loud and asked God to help us find the rings and fast, like in five minutes.

When we arrived, we saw piles and piles of leaves one to two feet deep.  At that point, I realized how impossible the task was.  Nevertheless, we started searching.  God, You know exactly where these rings are.  Help us.  Guide us.  The first shiny object I came across turned out to be a piece of crumpled up aluminum foil.  Then I started searching in a different area, sweeping the leaves with my feet.  Suddenly, Eileen, who had been looking where I was sweeping, exclaimed that she found one!  It was Frances’ ring.  We kept looking, now with even more determination, for her late husband Byron’s ring.  After only a minute or two, I exclaimed “Found it!”

Needless to say, we left Frances’ home with hearts full of awe and gratitude.  Thank you, Lord, for showing Frances such kindness and mercy. 

Rings Found

Rings Found

Bread Galore!!!

As the most technologically unsavvy of the four sisters, I am finally venturing into the world of blogging.  This is my first post ever.  Woohoo!

So what has been happening in my little corner of the world?  Well, I figured it was high time that I dust off the breadmaker that had been sitting idle in our closet for over a decade and put it to good use.  Breadmaking has become my latest fascination (as if the Wu sisters need any more hobbies).  In the past couple of months, I have made thirteen items ranging from banana chocolate chip bread (btw, these make great gifts), pizza dough, raisin bread, French bread (which was promptly converted to garlic bread), to Focaccia.  Yum!


Banana Chocolate Chip with Beloved Breadmaker


Pizza Dough


Raisin Bread


French Bread