A belated start to Halloween prep

The kids usually begin nagging asking me to start on their Halloween costumes about a month in advance. We’re actually a little behind this year, might end up being a bit of a nail-biter toward the end. This week we finally started on K’s costume. Any guesses what it’s going to be? (If you already know, don’t say!!)


I like this picture because it makes the thing look HUGE. Granted, it IS big, but not like “Atlas holding up the celestial spheres” huge. 🙂 I’ve already encountered some problems with the thing cracking as it dried and contracted a bit… a few times. 😦 I’ll have to get the other “work in progress/challenges along the way pictures” off my other camera.

I had some sad technical problems with my laptop last week and had to send it in to get the hard drive fixed/replaced, so I feel a bit in no-mans-land in terms of where to put my pictures/data, even though I have an old laptop I’m using right now. (not to mention what files I have lost, boo hoo)  More to come…